"Sue’s humility, gentleness, and compassion made such a huge impact in my birth preparations and are powerful characteristics about her that helped create and sustain the exact birthing environment we had discussed that I wanted. She never made me feel like she was the one with the expertise. In fact, she affirmed my ability to make the right decisions for myself — that I had the knowledge and ability to use it that I needed to have an empowered, positive birth. I also felt like she had great intuition and confidence in herself, which easily allowed me to trust her for this experience and specific purpose. 


At the birth, she was so calm and relaxed. I felt like our approach to my labour was so equally matched. She came into my home on the night, and it just felt like we had known each other for so much longer than we actually had (as I only met her when I was around 32 weeks or so I believe!). She brought a sense of reassurance with her to my labour. She reminded me to relax in such an easy way at one point, and I could take her guidance so well, because I already knew I could trust her. She was there in one moment that my husband was out of the room where I needed to lean on her during a contraction, and it meant so much that she so naturally held me. Her sense of support is so natural as she carries such a peaceful mother spirit with her. She was exactly what I had hoped she would be for me."


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